Your Power Is Safe With Us

At Total Power Solutions we understand your power requirements regardless of what industry you work in.  With years of experience delivering customised electric power systems in New Zealand, we are your experts in electric power generation.  We are there to support your genset, from pre sales support and design to installation, parts and service support. We provide services to Agriculture, Health Care, Data Centres, Cummincations, Utilities and Commercial business.


Diesel generator sets provide emergency standby power for farms and food processing facilities. They still are the most flexible and cost-effective way to ensure that the power stays on when interruptions in the mains electricity supply occur or when the national grid is too fragile to power your farm all day long.
FG Wilson diesel generators are used to power essential equipment in the agriculture sectors around the world in both prime and standby applications. Whether it be for fish farms, chicken farms, dairy farms or arable farming, FG Wilson generators provide secure and reliable power for you when you need it the most.
Our range of enclosures offer a variety of features from weather protection and excellent sound attenuation to optimal robustness to protect against handling and movement.
With a worldwide dealer network and an extensive stock of FG Wilson genuine parts, support is always at hand all year around. 

Health Care

In health care, the welfare of your patients is paramount. Even the shortest power outage can lead to extremely serious consequences, in terms of your patients’ well-being as well as economic losses. With stakes so high, you can’t afford to take any risks.
You need a reliable power generator set system with a fast load response, so that, when there is a power outage, you can continue to provide the high level of care that your patients need and expect.   
FG Wilson offers a range of generators to suit all health care provisions, from city hospitals and medical centres, to local health clinics and pharmacies. With over 50 years’ experience of meeting power generation challenges around the globe, you can trust us to deliver the critical life support power you need, thanks to our reliable products and responsive support services.
With a worldwide dealer network and an extensive stock of FG Wilson genuine parts, support is always at hand all year around.

Data Centres

n today’s world, data is what keeps everything moving. Even the shortest power cut may compromise essential data services and result in economic losses. Protecting your clients’ data and maintaining networks and systems is a very important job.
When it comes to providing customised, reliable, secure power for your data centre, you can trust FG Wilson. We are experts in the field and our expertise allows us to design, build and efficiently install tailor-made power systems, that meets your specifications, timescales and budget.
Our comprehensive range of robust diesel generator sets provide powerful solutions, designed specifically to interface with your systems, control mechanisms, redundancy requirements and often challenging surroundings. Guaranteeing a fast, efficient installation and ongoing rapid emergency support – your power is safe with us.
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